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The Shed with LRT
October & December Programs

October 2000

October 12 - 29, 2000

Annele washes M'lynn's hair.

"Steel Magnolias"; October 2000

Ouiser ponders how "MY" magnolias ended up in M'lunn's pool.

VHS Videos of several Shed/LRT productions will be available for members of the Cast & Crew who participated in The Shed/LRT productions! Pre-order your copy now!
~ Butterfingers Angel
~ Contact the Cotters at kcarts33-shed[atsign] if interested.
~ These tapes are for private viewing only & are NOT to be sold!

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  • The Shed in Port Royal
    809 Parris Avenue
    Port Royal, South Carolina 29935
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    Contact Henry Chambers of Beaufort Realty for property pricing, dimensions, specifics, etc. See The Shed Facilities for property layout, and other pages on The Shed web site for additional photos. Please Note: Only items attached to the walls are included with The Shed facilities & property. (Some portable items may be negotiable.)

    The Butterfingers Angel, Mary and Joseph, King Herod the Nut, and the Slaughter of 12 Christmas Carols in a Pear Tree
    by William Gibson

    Unique Holiday Program at The Shed!

    December 2000

    "This is the last trip I take with this family!", declares the Donkey.

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