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Activities at The Shed

The photos below were taken during classes & events at The Shed:

Before the Dance Recital-May 1998
Jayne Richardson Dance Studio students waiting for their turn to perform.

Club Karate Martial Arts Studio
now offers classes for all ages at The Shed!
Spring 2005


Dance instruction was first offered at The Shed in Fall 1996, when Jayne Richardson moved her classes from Pigeon Point to The Shed Center for the Arts. Classes were held on the stage in the main theatre building, until The Shed Multi-Use/Educational Building was completed in January 1997!
With the completion of The Shed Multi-Use/Educational Building, Jayne's classes moved into the state-of-the-arts Dance Studio 1, the first dance studio in Northern Beaufort County with a professional dance surface on a "sprung" floor system.

Master Dance Classes have been offered at The Shed with many professional dance companies, including:
Wylliams-Henry Danse Theatre master class & educators class. Photo to right -->
Rennie Harris Hip Hop master class. Photo lower rt \
Carlota Santana Flamenco Viva master class. Photo below

Flamenco Viva master class, 2-19-1999

A variety of events,classes, exhibits and professional workshops/seminars have been offered at The Shed, for 3yr olds & up, including:
Auditioning and Acting for Films -TV, Don Cosgrove, Director
Beaufort Writers, Van Stee, Coordinator, Author
Beginning Drawing for Adults, Cabel Heyward, Art Professor
Beginning Painting for Adults, Cabel Heyward, Art Professor
Ceramics & Pottery, Linda Wilkes, Visual Artist
Club Karate, Chuck Elias; Chun Kuk Do
Colligraphy, Marsha Thomas, Visual Arts Educator
Creative Writing, Richard Orr, Journalist
Drama Classes, Jessica Stewart, Shed Intern/Shed-Rat Players
Drama Classes, Tim Brown, Theatre Arts Educator
Gallery for Exhibits & Demonstrations
Guitar, Craig Washington, Musician & Educator
IlluStory, Karen Cotter, Visual Arts Educator
Jayne Richardson Dance Studio, Dance Educator
Jewelry Making, Barbara McArtor, Visual Arts Educator
Life Drawing-Painting at OPEN STUDIO
Made to Dance, Jackie Coba, Dance Instructor
Modern Jazz, Teresa Baker, Dance Educator
Modern Poetry - Why?, Dana Wildsmith
Photography, Anna Patterson, Visual Artist
Pre-school Picassos, Linda Wilkes, Visual Artist
Puppetry, Yostie Ashley, Educator & Performing Artist
Sabrina Slater-Warren Dance Southeast, Dance Educator
Stained-Glass, painted; Linda Wilkes, Visual Artist
Teen Coffee House
Tennis Shoe Tap, Laura High Peterson, Dance Educator
Beaufort County School District, various student & professional workshops for teachers, students and/or community.

The Shed in Port Royal
809 Parris Avenue
Port Royal, South Carolina 29935
For SALE or LEASE of PROPERTY (Shed Buildings and Land):
Contact Henry Chambers of Beaufort Realty for property pricing, dimensions, specifics, etc. See The Shed Facilities for property layout, and other pages on The Shed web site for additional photos.
Please Note: Only items attached to the walls are included with The Shed facilities & property. (Some portable items may be negotiable.)

Wylliams-Henry Danse Theatre

Rennie Harris Hip Hop master class.

VHS Videos of several Shed/LRT productions will soon be available for members of the Cast & Crew who participated in The Shed/LRT productions!
~ Butterfingers Angel video tape
~ Contact the Cotters at kcarts33-shed[atsign] if interested.
~ These tapes are for private viewing only & are NOT to be sold!

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