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For EQUIPMENT Sales & Availability: Contact Pete & Karen Cotter at cotter[at sign]charter.net 
For Sale of Property, see link at bottom of page for Henry Chambers and Beaufort Realty.

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Shed_Bldgs-Ramps_45-9.jpg (234557 bytes)                        EducaBldg-ramps 56-9.jpg (112016 bytes)

1st Floor - Shed & Educ Bldg.                                Education Bldg.

All Buildings: approximately 12,232 sq. ft.

Theatre Building: approximately 9,000 square feet overall.

Main seating area, some arrangement options include: cafe' seating (with small table/2 chairs), row seating, dinner theatre, art exhibits, auctions, conference settings, presentations, dance concerts, multi-media presentations, musical theatre-concerts, etc. Pre-wired for Fiber Optics (to Charter Communication). Access to Plaza areas, both levels.

Backstage loading dock area.

Beaufort High School Drama students & Ms. Anderson help clean out the backstage area.

Backstage: workshop, set storage & construction, truck-loading dock area w/roll-up door access to truck ramp, dressing room. Access to Education Building and Handicap Access Ramp to rear parking area via porch in front of Educ. Bldg.

Lobby & Front of the House: box office, concessions area & gallery areas; restrooms, storage closets and water fountains. Handicap Access Ramp to front Lobby and Main Seating/Exhibit level.



Education Building: approximately 3,000 sq. ft.

Dance Studio 2

Storage shelves along left side of room are reflected in mirrors (on right).

1st Floor: Dance Studio 1 (professional dance surface over sprung floor, mirrors & barres); Hallway with Stairs to 2nd floor, Storage closet, Dressing/Changing Room, 2 Restrooms; Multi-Purpose Room w/sink, mirrors, storage closet. Pre-wired for Fiber Optics (ties into Charter Communications); Access to Theatre Bldg

2nd Floor: Classroom/Costume design, construction and storage, carpet, w/ washer & dryer hook-ups. Dance Studio 2 professional dance surface over wood floor, mirrors, built-in storage wall, storage closet. Access to exterior stairs to front porch of building.

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Contact Henry Chambers at Beaufort Realty for SALE of PROPERTY details, dimensions, etc. Also see Facilities on this site for layout & photos of rooms, buildings.

For SALE of The Shed EQUIPMENT, see Tech Specs for Inventory & Contact Pete & Karen Cotter, cotter[at sign]charter.net (

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